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Important Facts You Should Know About Stone Foo Dogs

by Hollyn

The foo dog is a mythical creature that resembles a cross between dogs and lions. These creatures were created as guardian lions or a symbol of Chinese culture. However, these are not real; they are made from stone and are typically massive, like statues. Currently, stone foo dogs are a decoration used in architecture. Additionally, modern foo dogs are smaller and more portable. Are you interested in buying stone foo dogs? You can have a look at some of them on Alibaba and make a choice based on what you find fit for you.

Facts you should know about foo dogs

Foo dogs are massive guard lion creatures made from stone. If this is the first time you are buying them online, then chances are you have a lot of questions that you need to be answered. We are here to make the purchase journey exciting. Below are the top facts about these mystical creatures made of stone.

Foo dogs have significance in the Chinese culture

The foo dog is a mythical creature from Chinese mythology. Therefore, the foo dog is a Chinese symbol of strength, power, and protection. Additionally, the creature resembles the Chinese Lion, also known as the Buddha’s lion.

Foo dogs were traditionally outdoor decors for the elite

The first foo dogs were created for outdoor decorations. The massive stone statues were placed in front of the elite’s palaces, temples, and homes. Additionally, traditional foo dogs were wide-open-mouthed to signify their guarding characteristics. It is worth mentioning that modern foo dogs are smaller, and anyone can own and use them. For instance, you can buy one at Alibaba.com and use it to decorate your indoors.

They are meant to be pairs

Foo dogs are protective symbols originally designed as pairs. The pair usually features a male and female foo dog. According to Chinese cultures, the female foo dog represents yin, which protects the indoors, while the male one represents the yang which protects the outdoors. While modern foo dogs no longer apply their cultural meanings and are not used as they were in the past, they still come in pairs. For instance, the stone foo dogs available online at Alibaba.com come in pairs.

Foo dogs are designed to look vicious

The stone creatures appear wide open as if in mid-roar to ward off evil spirits. Additionally, they also have large pearls inside their mouths and scary eyes. Finally, their large size makes them look vicious and terrifying.

There is a right way to pair the dogs

If you buy a pair of foo dogs, the correct way to position them is by placing the female foo dog on the left and the right one on the right. However, if you only have one, you can place them anywhere.


Traditional foo dogs are depicted as fierce crouching beasts to deter anyone with malicious intent from entering a building. They also feature stylized eyes, claws, and teeth to capture their viciousness. Modern stone foo dogs on Alibaba do not differ significantly from traditional ones but are smaller, more portable, and affordable.

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